The Storyline

The black animated television network was founded and created by Kimberly Jesika founder and creator of Kidpire TV network as well as GIRLPIRE ALL GIRLS animated TV network WE OWN multiple iHeartRadio shows That showcases the talent and skills of children of color from all over the world. Kimberly Jesika is a pioneer and an innovator in the world of children’s content from an independent perspective.

Kimberly Jesika is a former special education teacher. Kimberly holds a masters degree in education specializing in black family therapy and oppositional defiant disorder from a mental health perspective as well as specialized curriculums perspective.

Growing up with multiple major learning disabilities Kimberly understood the need for children to have content that is related to their specific issues and there’s a specific culture and lifestyle. It is important that children see themselves in a positive manner outside of the stereo types of social media and the media.


Kimberly created a space where black children can see themselves in a positive light as well as having awesome problem-solving skills when it comes to making better decisions when interacting with peers of the same diaspora Kimberly created the black animated TV network so that children from the Black perspective can see themselves as princesses innovators pioneers superheroes robots and all the situations that their counterparts see for themselves. it’s time for us to have our own.Kimberly Jesika can be seen and Forbes variety sci-fi TV network and multiple other major news outlets discussing the need for multicultural content in the world of Animations particularly for children of color in the Black race diaspora.

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